Heaven Quiz

1) Doing your best
2) Trying to be a good and moral person
3) Keeping the 10 commandments
4) Obeying God's laws
5) Making Jesus the Lord of your life
6) Committing your life to Jesus
7) Following Jesus
8) Enduring until the end (perseverance)
9) Confirmation
10) Penances
11) Last rites
12) Member of a lodge
13) Repent of your sins
14) Turn from your sins
15) Church membership or Christian parents
16) Tithing
17) Good works and deeds
18) Water Baptism
19) Keeping the sacraments
20) Going to mass
21) Worship the Bible
22) Believe in or submit to the god of your choice
23) Love God and your fellow man
24) Believe that Jesus was a good man, teacher or prophet
25) Trust in Jesus and serve Him
26) Trust in Jesus Christ as your only means of salvation

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